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Writing documentation

does not have to be complicated!

Boost your productivity by focusing only on writing

Help+Manual is powerful and intuitive tool with basic interface similar to other, common text editors you are probably familiar with..

You will learn how to handle it very fast so you can use true power of fully featured WYSIWYG XML editor.


One source – multi-platform output!

Do you need to access your documentation via different operating systems, desktop or mobile, Windows Helper or as a PDF? Help+Manual can easily publish your project to common text formats.

All supported outputs are generated from one single-source project, therefore if you need to update it – simply edit the source and click publish. Help+Manual will handle the rest for you.

This feature means much more than publishing the same information into different outputs. Using conditional formatting feature you can prepare numerous versions for various exports with no need for post-processing. All from one source.


Advanced features for power users.

Help+Manual is not just an ordinary text editor, the opposite is true. It contains helpful features, for example:

  • multi-user editing
  • version control
  • CAT (computer assisted translation) tools compatibility
  • XML output support.

Working environment contains all commonly used features for text editing and formatting, even with dynamic styles and complex tables included.

These features, together with advanced output files editing means Help+Manual provides full support for creating multimedia and complex, modular projects.

Get instant access to all features and qualified customer support by acquiring the product licence.

Help+Manual advantages


Multiple screens



Intuitive user interface



Multiple outputs from one source




Parallel multi-user editing



Advanced features and process automation



has many useful features. Feel free to contact us, we will gladly present you its features and advantages.


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